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BuyBackWorld develops, deploys, and manages industry leading end-to-end consumer electronic buyback solutions at the consumer, retail and enterprise level through custom-built reverse logistic platforms

About The Platforms We Design

BuyBackWorld has pioneered the consumer electronic buyback world for over 10 years. We’ve serviced over 1 million devices, paid out over $50 million dollars and designed custom solutions for Fortune 500 Companies. In fact, where many companies first used the terms “trade-in” or “trade-up”, we introduced the concept of a “buy back” and since then the rest of the industry has followed.
We offer several out of the box solutions to service consumers, retail cellphone stores, online technology blogs, educational institutions, major retailers and many other clients. If one of our traditional BuyBack Platform Solutions doesn’t fit exactly what you need, we’ll even custom-build and engineer a special solution for you and your company.

We specialize in handling reverse logistics and manifesting many to one shipping solutions. If you are a company that sells online, but do not want to deal with the friction and hassles associated with consumer returns, we can provide you with a completely hands-off turn-key solution to let you focus on driving sales, while we focus on handling the aftermath. We can even manage the entire order process for you for a flat fee, from warehousing, shipping, fulfillment and customer service if you prefer.

The bottom line is that every company in today’s competitive landscape can benefit from allowing consumers to trade in old products to receive trade-in credit towards the purchase of a new item on their website. Our BuyBack Platforms can deliver that value to your customers and provide them with additional spend on your new products, which is a win-win for everyone.
We’ve perfected and streamlined the online buyback model and we’re excited to partner with you to help your company reach the next level of growth.

Explore our Platforms today to see how your company can benefit from a BuyBack Platform.

Consumer Platform

BuyBackWorld offers consumers the ability to quickly and easily sell their used electronics online. With BuyBackWorld, you get an immediate cash quote in three easy steps without the risks and hassles associated with traditional online peer-to-peer selling. BuyBackWorld provides free shipping on all orders and offers the largest instant-quote online platform in the United States - purchasing over 20,000 items in over 30 categories.

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Enterprise Platform

BulkBuyBack powered by BuyBackWorld provides industry leading environmental reverse logistics for mobile devices at the enterprise level and delivers a positive financial impact to businesses of all sizes. Our fleet of services include turnkey mobile BuyBack solutions, wireless asset recovery with serialized tracking, and certificates of data destruction. Fully integrated reporting and payment is available through a single comprehensive online platform.

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Retail Store Platform

The BuyBackWorld Retail Trade-In Solution offers completely customizable and modular software to power in-person trade-ins for your retail store. Using our web based software application, employees can offer customers instant quotes for their old devices in both cash and store credit formats, driving early upgrades and increasing profits. BuyBackWorld provides the training materials and handles the logistics to ensure a seamless integration.

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WhiteLabel Platform

The White-Label Trade-In Solution combines your company's branding, colors and logo with our backend solution to instantly offer your customers an online trade-in experience unparalleled by anything else in the industry. Geared towards tech blogs and businesses with a strong online presence that want to offer their reader-base the ability to monetize old, unwanted consumer technology products, this is a completely hands-off solution that can add to your bottom line and put extra money into your reader's pockets – a win across the board. We handle all of the logistics from quoting, shipping, receiving, customer service and payment of the devices and you receive a commission for every product sold through your White-Label Platform. BuyBackWorld offers the largest selection of products available for buyback which means your readers have the ability to trade-in more items with our solution than anywhere else. The best part? We can have your personalized White-Label Platform up and running within 24 hours!

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Retailer Trade-Up Platform

The Retailer Trade-Up Platform is geared towards larger retailers looking to drive sales of new products or incentivize their existing customers to purchase new products by trading-up from old products. Our Retailer Trade-Up Solution is a fully customized Trade-In site fully integrated within your sales flow which is branded to match your Company and offers up our 20,000+ product catalog to your customers. Your customers are directed to the Trade-Up Platform and receive a "trade-up value" for their old device which is sent to them in the form of either a promo code or refund after they purchase a new product from you. By allowing customers to monetize their old technology products that they no longer have a use for, we have helped major retailers increase sales on their products by as much as 30%. We can fully customize your Trade-Up Program to only allow certain types of products to be available for trade-up and provide full reporting details back to you on all of the transactions, offering more insight into your customer's upgrade cycles. In a world where the largest Corporations currently offer this type of program to their customers (Amazon, Apple, etc.), we truly believe this is a must for any retailer looking to remain competitive and offer their customers the greatest value. Most Trade-Up Platforms can be up and running within 30 days and we handle all of the logistics from start to finish for you.

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Educational Institution Platform

Technology is an integral part of education on all levels in today's world. We partner directly with your Technology Coordinator and work with Educational Institutions to serve grades K-20 in order to maximize the residual value of each technology cycle refresh. We partner with you to establish a plan to ensure the financial sustainability of our future generations' digital learning for years to come. The institutions we partner with can expect to save money, improve their student's classroom environments and increase student moral, leading to higher-level learning achievements. Whether your Institution has Apple products, laptops, calculators, or anything in between, our EDU BuyBack Services make the asset disposition process straightforward and effortless.

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Government Assets Disposition

Local, State, and Federal Governments all use technology in their day-to-day operations. Our Gov BuyBack Services are specifically designed and dedicated to help your Organization be good stewards of taxpayer dollars by realizing the largest return on your asset investments, while ensuring all devices are handled in a secure manner to protect your data and remain in compliance with regulatory standards. Our Gov BuyBack Platform provides serialized tracking and certificates of data destruction through a single comprehensive online portal.

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BuyBack Luxe

Take your high-fashion items such as designer handbags, wristwatches, wallets, shoes and more and instantly sell them on our BuyBack Luxe Platform. We've helped to service the most consumers in selling their old and unwanted electronics since 2009 and our BuyBack Luxe Platform offers you our knowledge and expertise in the field of online selling on a whole new level. Whether you want to instantly sell your Luxury Item for an upfront quote or consign it to us, we make the selling process quick, painless and easy. Go ahead, splurge a little – BuyBack Luxe has your back to get your bucks back whenever you want.

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BuyBack IQ

Feeling entrepreneurial? Looking to earn a few extra bucks as a side business? Since 2009, BuyBackWorld has offered the quickest and easiest way to sell your electronics online without the frictions and hassles associated with traditional peer-to-peer selling. BuyBack IQ is the result of everything we've learned – the price to buy products AND the price to sell them – on various marketplaces so you always make a profit. Think of it as the Price Guide to any consumer item out there. The best part? We update the pricing for each SKU in real time daily as we continue to buy and sell thousands of products so the data is always refreshed and up-to-date. All of this is available to you for a low monthly fee and accessible through a web-based app on your desktop or mobile device. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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Buyback Pawn Software

Do you own or operate a pawn shop which isn't buying cellphones or electronics with cellular plans because you're not sure how to verify if they're clear? Do you stay away from consumer electronics in general because of their complexity to test? If so, you're probably giving up on the fastest growing sector of trade-ins which could be damaging your store's ability to prosper. Our Pawn BuyBack Software provides your staff with interactive testing guides for over 20,000 SKUs, the price points to profitably BUY AND SELL each item, and the access to online databases to ensure that all items are not reported lost or stolen and are clear for activation by a new user. The best part? If you take in an item that isn't reselling out of your store, you can sell us your inventory in monthly batches all at once for a profit. We also add your location to our local network of professional buyers and drive foot traffic to your store through our online presence by displaying your location as an instant trade-in option to a consumer looking to sell their device. All of this and more is available to you for a monthly subscription cost that most stores pay for by taking in 1-2 trade-in items per month.

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BuyBackWorld Franchising

We're in the business of buying and selling. We've probably been the most successful Company in this field out of anyone else for the past 10 years and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. We know the ins and outs of buying and selling pretty much anything and we've honed this model to perfection through our online portals. Now we're opening physical stores across the world which allow consumers to buy, sell, and repair the items they might usually deal with online. There is no other company in the world doing this. Can you think of a go-to brand name for buying a Certified Pre-Owned device or selling your old item for an upfront, hassle-free cash price? The answer is no. Join us on this journey of changing the way consumers think of their old items.

If you ever dreamed of owning your own business, this could be the opportunity you've been waiting for. Use our proven model to service the most talked about sector in our lifetime – smartphones and consumer electronics.

We offer low start-up costs, competitive royalty fees and most importantly, provide the knowledge and know-how to help you build a lasting business you can call your own that is sure to become a pillar of your local community. Find out more today to see if you would be a good fit to become the next BuyBackWorld Franchise Owner Operator. We look forward to welcoming you to our world at BuyBackWorld. Welcome to Our World. Change the World. BuyBackWorld.

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Custom Built Platform

While we try to stay ahead of the curve by building out BuyBack Platform Solutions based on our past experiences to anticipate how to better serve you, we do understand that every brand, company, and retailer has their own unique needs and expectations which need to be met in order to best serve their customer base. For this reason, we do offer the ability to fully customize and build out a solution specifically suited for your Company. If you are looking to offer any product or service which involves the buyback of consumer products and/or reverse logistics, we can offer our expertise to make that dream a reality. We look forward to connecting with you today.

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Custom Solutions, Tailored Results

All of our BuyBackWorld platforms are designed to offer a simple, intuitive, and seamless way to manage the trade-in of your used electronics in an efficient manner. Whether you require a private-label web interface, a retail trade-in solution, or a complete enterprise level application to manage your devices, BuyBackWorld has the platform to fit your needs.

We handle all of the shipping logistics and ensure that all devices flow through a R2 certified, ISO 14001 facility. All devices are inspected and wiped to ensure your complete peace of mind.

Our goal is to achieve the maximum ROI for all your used devices by building the best infrasctructure to support your specific trade-in requirements.

Our Software. Your Way

All of our software is simple and intuitive to use so we can have you up and running in minutes.

Since everything is web based, there is nothing for you to install or configure and we can quickly scale your solution up or down to fit your exact needs.

Instant updates and comprehensive training wikis keep you focused on staying on top of your business, not managing software.

Reporting Is In The Details

Our reporting provides your solution with the ultimate peace of mind - the ability to track every device down to the serial number or IMEI. Whether devices are reused or recycled, every single device is data wiped and accounted for.

All of our reports are available through a single online platform and we update your order in real time so you can literally watch our trained Quality Control Team reconcile your order before your eyes.

Furthermore, all reports are completely customizable and can be filtered and organized by intake date, device type, and serial number or IMEI. All of our reports also offer flexible export formats such as CSV and PDF files for complete integration across all platforms.

Safe Transactions, Secure Date Removal

BuyBackWorld maintains first-in-class security standards and practices for eradicating and protecting your private and confidential data. Our high-security work environment is under 24/7 surveillance and our processes have been meticulously designed to uphold the utmost protection of your confidential information.

Data removal methods employ a multi-step data deletion and quality assurance verification which tests for active phone lines and adheres to all US Department of Defense Directives for hard drive scrubbing. All devices are verified at multiple checkpoints to ensure quality control.

Devices that are found to be at the end of their lifecycle are recycled by an ISO 14001 and R2 certified e-Stewards member.

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