Mobile BuyBack Platforms

BuyBackWorld develops, deploys, and manages industry leading end-to-end mobile buyback solution platforms at the consumer, retail and enterprise level.


BuyBackWorld offers consumers the ability to quickly and easily sell their used electronics online. With BuyBackWorld, you get an immediate cash quote in three easy steps without the risks and hassles associated with traditional online peer-to-peer selling. BuyBackWorld provides free shipping on all orders and offers the largest instant-quote online platform in the United States - purchasing over 10,000 items in over 20 categories.


The BuyBackWorld Retail Trade-In Solution offers completely customizable and modular software to power in-person trade-ins for your retail store. Using our web based software application, employees can offer customers instant quotes for their old devices in both cash and store credit formats, driving early upgrades and increasing profits. BuyBackWorld provides the training materials and handles the logistics to ensure a seamless integration.


BulkBuyBack powered by BuyBackWorld provides industry leading environmental reverse logistics for mobile devices at the enterprise level and delivers a positive financial impact to businesses of all sizes. Our fleet of services include turnkey mobile BuyBack solutions, wireless asset recovery with serialized tracking, and certificates of data destruction. Fully integrated reporting and payment is available through a single comprehensive online platform.

Custom Solutions,
Tailored Results

All of our BuyBackWorld platforms are designed to offer a simple, intuitive, and seamless way to manage the trade-in of your used electronics in an efficient manner. Whether you require a private-label web interface, a retail trade-in solution, or a complete enterprise level application to manage your devices, BuyBackWorld has the platform to fit your needs.

We handle all of the shipping logistics and ensure that all devices flow through a R2 certified, ISO 14001 facility. All devices are inspected and wiped to ensure your complete peace of mind.

Our goal is to achieve the maximum ROI for all your used devices by building the best infrasctructure to support your specific trade-in requirements.

Our Software.
Your Way.

All of our software is simple and intuitive to use so we can have you up and running in minutes.

Since everything is web based, there is nothing for you to install or configure and we can quickly scale your solution up or down to fit your exact needs.

Instant updates and comprehensive training wikis keep you focused on staying on top of your business, not managing software.

Reporting Is In
The Details.

Our reporting provides your solution with the ultimate peace of mind - the ability to track every device down to the serial number or IMEI. Whether devices are reused or recycled, every single device is data wiped and accounted for.

All of our reports are available through a single online platform and we update your order in real time so you can literally watch our trained Quality Control Team reconcile your order before your eyes.

Furthermore, all reports are completely customizable and can be filtered and organized by intake date, device type, and serial number or IMEI. All of our reports also offer flexible export formats such as CSV and PDF files for complete integration across all platforms.

Safe Transactions,
Secure Date Removal

BuyBackWorld maintains first-in-class security standards and practices for eradicating and protecting your private and confidential data. Our high-security work environment is under 24/7 surveillance and our processes have been meticulously designed to uphold the utmost protection of your confidential information.

Data removal methods employ a multi-step data deletion and quality assurance verification which tests for active phone lines and adheres to all US Department of Defense Directives for hard drive scrubbing. All devices are verified at multiple checkpoints to ensure quality control.

Devices that are found to be at the end of their lifecycle are recycled by an ISO 14001 and R2 certified e-Stewards member.